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Kimberly Idona Farcot is a classical realism figurative and portrait artist living between Sarasota, Florida - Annapolis, Maryland - and Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Portrait commissions in oil, pastel, charcoal, chalk, and graphite available upon email request. She is represented by The Arabian Collections Gallery in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Prints can be ordered at Falcon Press.

Artist's Statement:
After spending many years in Corporate Graphic Design, I was an Artist in Residence at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, where I was active in coordinating the Figure Drawing and Portrait Painting groups. This showed me that there are endless possibilities in working with the human face and figure, and I am intrigued by the natural beauty, grace and strength of the human form. I am creating a body of work exploring the concept of Secular Humanism, which depicts modern humans of all ages and races at work, play, and rest. I live most of the year as an expatriate in Saudi Arabia, and enjoy the diversity of the people around me for inspiration.

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